Elevate Your Website with the Best 5 Testimonial Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Testimonials are an excellent method to provide social proof to promote and persuade users that they may trust you if you’re attempting to sell something. Promoting products or brands via giving references is everywhere. It includes word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family, influencer material, retweets, Facebook recommendations, star ratings, and customer reviews. Simply put, any kind of marketing that originates with the consumer rather than the business.

The testimonial is one type of consumer evaluation that works quite well. We’ll define testimonials in this piece and discuss the benefits of including them on your WordPress website. Next, we’ll look at a few plugins that make it simple to include testimonials on your website in any location.

In this technological age, customers frequently choose to read customer reviews before making a purchase. The consumer must ensure themselves before parting with their hard-earned money for the products. This is when your WordPress testimonial plugins come in useful in 2024.

Testimonials are designed to display the excerpt, reviews, or feedback in various ways, primarily on many pages or links. Using the testimonial plugin, you may create unforgettable and unique platforms for testimonials on your website. 

Why should your WordPress website have testimonials?

Firstly, let’s define a customer review so that we may better comprehend what a testimonial is- According to 51% of consumers, testimonials are just as reliable as referrals from friends and family because they are written accounts of a customer’s experience with a brand’s good or service.

A particular subset of consumer reviews is called testimonials. They are sincere recommendations of a good or service that tell you about a client’s general impression of the business and how the good or service added value for them. These particular use cases provide prospective customers more confidence to do business with a company since consumers trust other consumers.

There are various ways to obtain testimonials. They might be embedded in a post or page or be quotes, pictures, or videos in a website’s sidebar, footer, or widget. With WordPress plugins, showcasing this kind of social proof is simple. Below, we’ll examine a few of the best choices.

5 Top WordPress Plugins for Testimonials

Testimonials may be easily added to your WordPress website with the help of plugins. Here is a list of free and paid plugins that best suit your needs and budget.


1)Easy Testimonials


Easy Testimonials is a WordPress plugin that allows users to display testimonials as a list or randomly, and can be manually entered from their WordPress area. It features multiple options for displaying slideshows or random testimonials, Simple Captcha and ReCaptcha to prevent spam reviews, and allows users to create custom shortcodes. 

The pro version, priced at $59, includes an information form for testimonials, customizable star ratings, customer photos, background colors, filters for modifying designs, and a custom CSS box for screen size adjustments.



2)Testimonial Slider

WordPress users can construct testimonial grids and sliders with the Testimonial Slider plugin, which is free. It generates shortcodes that are simple to copy and paste using a shortcode generator. The slider sections’ colours, filters, and testimonial order are all customisable by users. 

Two slider layouts and two grid layouts are included in the free edition. Ajax support, previews before publication, nine grid layouts, eleven layouts, a masonry grid option, and additional control over margins and padding between sections are all included in the pro edition. Testimonial Slider creates neat, easy-to-use slides and costs only $17 annually for a single website licence. 



3)Real Testimonials

Real Testimonials is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to display mobile-friendly reviews and quotes with shortcodes. The plugin is intuitive and allows customisation through a shortcode builder. The free version only allows a slider format but can toggle settings like colours and a number of testimonials. 

The paid version, Real Testimonials Pro, offers additional features like videos, company names, and dates. The free version offers basic functionality, but the paid version is more powerful. Real Testimonials offers a free version and three paid tiers: Personal ($39 per year), Business ($99 per year), and Agency ($199 per year).



4)Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials Showcase is a popular WordPress testimonial plugin with a 4.92-star rating and over 4,600 sales. Unlike most free WordPress plugins, it offers helpful features and visually appealing testimonial designs. 

The plugin is available at CodeCanyon for regular and extended licenses, with pricing ranging from $19 for 6 months to $60 for 12 months. Key features include grid and slider displays, 5 built-in theme styles, front-end submission forms for testimonials, support for schema markup, a shortcode generator, and a sidebar display widget. The plugin also offers rich snippets, 15+ layout customisation options, and front-end submission forms. 



5)BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials is a plugin that simplifies displaying basic testimonials using shortcodes or widgets. It offers unique features like API integration with Yelp, Google Places, and Facebook Reviews, aggregated review badges, four layout options, a shortcode display, and a testimonial collection. 




Testimonial plugins are essential tools for managing client testimonials on a WordPress site. You can find the perfect match for your site’s requirements by selecting the right plugin. 

Earning the trust of users is essential for a website to succeed. For this purpose, the best solutions available for WordPress are testimonial plugins. The testimonials of happy customers are shown on the website to foster better decision-making and build trust. 

In 2024 the Testimonial Plugins for WordPress have several uses, such as showcasing and grouping them into collections. Even if certain plugins are well-liked, it is only advised for people with adequate coding knowledge to manually add testimonials, especially for simple testimonials that don’t require frequent revisions. Selecting the appropriate plugins for website maintenance might help you save time and effort.

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